Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty) in birmingham


Pinnaplasty or correction of prominent ears is procedure to setback the ears to their natural and normal position. More commonly performed in children but correction can be done in adults.

Surgical procedure involves placing incision behind the ear and dissecting, remoulding and suturing the cartilage to give the normal appearance to the ear. The incision is closed with a Nylon stitch and a dressing that is held with a bandage around the forehead and head. This remains for ten days until the removal of suture.

The surgery is usually done under general anaesthetic however adults may prefer local anaesthetic and sedation. Operation is not particularly painful but with adequate analgesics can relieve the nausea and discomfort that may last for a day or two.

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Side Effects

Collection of blood beneath skin is not common. Infection can occasionally occur and may require antibiotics. The scars on the back of the ear can become lumpy and painful and will require further treatment.

Postoperative Advice, Instructions & Final Result

Day 1 – 3

You may have some pain the first day but this could be controlled with painkillers. If the pain continues and increases in severity you should call the hospital.

Day 10

The head bandage is removed and the nylon stitch is removed. You can have hair wash. Moisturising cream will be helpful to begin massaging the scar at back of the ear. Start to wear head band during sleep. Children can attend school but try not play contact sports.

Week 2 – 3

Can start normal activities including sports, swimming but no contact sports. Continue wearing the head band.

Week 6 – Month 6

Stop using head band at the end of six weeks, continue massage and can start contact sports at about eight weeks. Wearing head band for few months will protect the set back of the ears and will reduce the swelling further to give normal and natural shape to the ear.

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