Breast Surgery
in Birmingham

At Birmingham Beauty Clinic, we provide a wide range of breast surgery procedures in Birmingham and surrounding areas including; augmentation, uplift and reduction.

If you are considering breast surgery to change the size, volume or shape of your breasts, book a free consultation today with Dr Shivram Singh.

Breast Surgery at Birmingham Beauty Clinic

Breast surgery is often referred to as a boob job and many women in Birmingham undergo surgery for many different reasons.

The term ‘breast surgery’ covers a range of different procedure types and is inclusive of treatment and care.

Birmingham Beauty Clinic is a trusted and safe breast surgery provider that carries out procedures to suit each patients’ individual needs, preferred shape and size.

Our professional, qualified staff take great pride in upholding our strong reputation in the cosmetic surgery field for the highest possible standard of patient care.

Types Of Breast Surgery:


1. Breast Augmentation (“Boob Job”)

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is designed to improve the size and/or shape of the breast. Augmentation, also known as enlargement, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is usually performed following the loss of breast volume.
This loss of volume could be due to any of the following reasons; previous breast surgery, child birth / breast feeding or weight loss.
Breast augmentation is also considered by many patients in the Birmingham area to improve their body contour or to achieve breast symmetry in asymmetrical breasts.
The procedure involves placing a silicone gel or saline implant in the pocket created in each breast.

2. Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

breast uplift surgery

Mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift or uplift, is a procedure that raises (uplifts) and reshapes the breasts giving a more youthful overall appearance.
Surgery involves an incision that is made around the areola and extends downwards towards the lower end of the breast and looks like a ‘key hole’. Sometimes further incision is added horizontally along the breast crease.
Breast uplift does not add to the breast tissue but does change the overall shape and position of both nipples and the breast. Breast implants can be inserted in combined surgery to increase the size and improve firmness.

3. Breast Reduction

breast reduction

Breast reduction is the surgical procedure of reducing the size of large breasts. Also known as reduction mammaplasty, this procedure is designed to bring about a more proportionate body figure and creates a more functional bust for the patient, who may or may not struggle with symptoms but are unhappy with the way their breasts look.
Excess fat and skin are removed during a reduction procedure and breasts can be reshaped to a more desired shape and reposition the nipples.

Side Effects

Breast surgery comes with a level of risk and side effects that may be experienced following your procedure. All side effects are outlined and discussed during your consultation. These include:

* Difficult or inability to breastfeed
Loss or change of nipple and breast sensation
Loss of skin
Capsular contracture
Scar tissue

If you are based in Birmingham or surrounding areas, you will be able to easily attend a breast surgery consultation in our conveniently located Birmingham clinic. During a consultation with Dr Shivram Singh, although some side effects are very rare, you will be given a list of all side effects and the level of risk associated with each one.

Postoperative Advice/Instructions (Recovery) :

* Immediate

You should expect t0 experience some discomfort and pain immediately following breast surgery. Depending on the type and extent of your procedure, you may be required to wear a sport / support bra and take pain-relief medication to ease symptoms. Your support bra should be worn for around six weeks and light exercise such as walking is recommended.

* After One Week

Undissolvable stitches will be removed and your wounds will be assessed in a follow up appointment. You may still feel discomfort, particularly when you move or raise your arms. You can resume normal daily activities but avoid lifting and strenuous exercise. You can take a shower and begin applying regular moisturising cream to any scars.

* After One Month+

Your scars will settle down and may be more comfortable to touch. Breast and nipple sensation will improve and after six weeks support bras need only to be worn during the day.

Final Results

You can expect your final results of your breast surgery to be visible in six to nine months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :
Breast surgery, depending on the nature of your procedure, is typically performed under general anaesthetic. Patients arrive early at our state of the art Manchester based hospital on the day of their breast surgery. Once your surgery is performed you will stay overnight in hospital for immediate recovery. In some cases patients are discharged the same day, but if a hospital stay is required you will be discharged the following day.
Breast surgery involves the patient being put to sleep with the use of general anaesthetic. The appropriate incisions are made for the procedure and wounds are closed with stitches. Implants are used in augmentation procedures and in some cases liposuction may be removed in reduction surgery.
Birmingham Beauty Clinic works closely with the Manchester Private Hospital. Consultations take place in Birmingham at our dedicated breast surgery clinic. Surgery and aftercare takes place in Manchester at our state of the art hospital facilities.
Patients travel to us from all over the Midlands region and beyond. Popular locations include; Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Nuneaton, Stafford, Wallsall, Burton upon Trent, Coventry, Worcester, Redditch, Kidderminster, Tamworth and Royal Leamington Spa.
This page is for women who live in or around Birmingham and the East Midlands and are looking for more information on breast surgery in Birmingham. The information is designed to give insight in to breast surgery and the different types of procedures available locally. Many women find that breast surgery is something they have always been curious about and the aim of the information here is to expand on their thoughts and take them to the next level should they wish to do so, with a view to booking a no-pressure consultation. In addition, this page helps women consider their options when it comes to breast surgery for the first time without previous experience or knowledge on the subject.

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