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Rhinoplasty - Overview:


A nose job is the common name for rhinoplasty surgery. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure and remains the most common procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry.

The procedure ranges from a simple technique of changing the shape of the nose, to complete remodelling. The aim of surgery is to recreate the nose so that it suits the desired profile of the patient.

Rhinoplasty involves opening the tip of the nose and realigning the cartilage, or building the cartilage to adjust the shape of the nose and make it look natural. A closed approach with a scar inside the nose is used for smaller nose correction procedures.

Many people in Birmingham feel that their nose is out of proportion with the rest of their face and are often unhappy with the way it looks. Other complaints for patients in West Midlands include; being unhappy with the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose or their side profile. In addition, some patients are unhappy with the angle between their top lip and nose.

Rhinoplasty is commonly performed in our state of the Manchester based hospital. However, all nose job consultations take place in our Birmingham clinic – allowing you to easily access the information you need before opting for surgery.



Nose Job/Surgery Procedures (Steps):

At Birmingham Beauty Clinic, our nose job procedures are performed under general anaesthetic – meaning you will be asleep for the entire procedure.

* In some cases, local anaesthetic can be used but this is typically reserved for very small adjustments.

* There are two techniques that can be used for nose surgery; open and closed.

* In the open technique, an incision is placed under the tip of the nose. Whereas a closed procedure involves making an incision within the nostrils so that it is not visible.

Depending on the type of rhinoplasty you have, a splint for support may be laid over the nose and a dressing is inserted into the nostrils. These remain in place for a period of 24 hours.

* The dressing pack is removed the next day and you are allowed home. However, the splint will stay in place for one week to ten days.

In some rhinoplasty procedures, augmentation of the nose is performed so that the nose is enlarged to match the proportion of the face and other facial features.


Types Of Rhinoplasty:

When it comes to cosmetic nose surgery, there are a number of different types that both men and women in Birmingham can utilise, these include:
* Open rhinoplasty, which is used for major procedures.
* Closed rhinoplasty, which is used for minor procedures.
* Revision rhinoplasty, which is used to correct previous nose job surgeries.
* Filler rhinoplasty, which involves the use of injectable fillers to adjust the shape of the nose and smooth out bumps and angles.

Rhinoplasty Before After Photos:

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Side Effects :

It is common for nose job patients to experience side effects from their procedure due to the nature of the treatment. These include:
 * Bruising and swelling around nose and cheek are common for the first few days.
* The surface of the nose may be numb for a few weeks.
* Nose bleeds after surgery are possible, although this is not common.
* Your nose may feel stuffy or bunged up.
* Rarely infection may result with a swollen, painful nose along with headaches that will require antibiotics.
* Occasionally you can have unexpected results due to dislodging of the splint and displacement of the cartilaginous framework.
Revision surgery is not performed for a minimum of one year after the first procedure, which allows the scars to settle down.
During the first week post-surgery, you may experience breathing difficulties, which will settle down.

Postoperative Advice and Instructions (Recovery) :

Nose job surgery is an intricate procedure and your aftercare plays an important role in not only getting the most out of your treatment, but assisting the recovery for better long term results. Below is a general outline of what to expect after your nose job:

* Immediate

1. You may feel you have a bunged up nose with blood coloured discharge. Do not blow or attempt to  clear your nose.
2. You may have some bleeding, so keep your head upright during sleep.
3. Bruising and swelling will begin to settle after a few days.
4. You can wear contact lenses if required and stitches that are outside the nose are removed after a few days to one week.

* After One Week

1.You can blow your nose gently.
2. The splint on your nose is removed between weeks 1 and 2. You may still have some bruising and black eyes can still persist.
3. After around three weeks, most of the bruising and black eyes should disappear.
4. You can return to work after two to three weeks providing you feel ready for it and light exercises can be started.

* After One Month+

1. You will see further improvement in the numbness around the tip of your nose.
2. If you play contact sports, you should avoid doing so for around two months. It is very important to protect any external scar from sun exposure with a high factor sunscreen cream.
3. After three months you will start to notice further improvement with reduced swelling and begin to see expected final results of the nose after around 6 months.

* Final Results

Final results from rhinoplasty can be observed from 10 to 12 months and your surgeon will be able to assess the success of your overall procedure.3.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction) Price or Cost:

1. Rhinoplasty (Closed) :

Rhinoplasty closed start from £4,500  (One Time Cost)

0% Finance Scheme and Easy Installment Scheme Available

2. Rhinoplasty (Open) :

Rhinoplasty open start from £4,900 (One Time Cost)

0% Finance Scheme and Easy Installment Scheme Available

3. Rhinoplasty Tip (GA/DC) :

Rhinoplasty Tip (GA/DC) start from £3,900 (One Time Cost)

0% Finance Scheme and Easy Installment Scheme Available

4. Rhinoplasty Tip (GA/ONS) :

Rhinoplasty Tip (GA/ONS) start from £4,200 (One Time Cost)

0% Finance Scheme and Easy Installment Scheme Available


5. Rhinoplasty (Septo/Secondary/Open) :

Rhinoplasty Septo/Secondary/Open start from £5,900 (One Time Cost)

0% Finance Scheme and Easy Installment Scheme Available

6. Rhino Reconstruction with Cartilage Graft :

Rhinoplasty Septo/Secondary/Open start from £6,900 (One Time Cost)

0% Finance Scheme and Easy Installment Scheme Available6.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where possible, incisions are made inside the nose so that scars are not visible. For open nose surgery, scars are very fine and your surgeon will try to hide them in the natural creases of your nose.
Our consultation clinic is based in Edgbaston, Birmingham. But our state of the art hospital is in Manchester – where nose jobs are performed. We cater for all patients in Birmingham and other regions within the West Midlands and North West.
Open nose surgery takes longer than closed at around 4-6 weeks of healing. Whereas closed surgery can settle down after two weeks.
Patients typically avoid driving after having a nose job for up to 2 weeks.
Exercise should be avoided for up to 6 weeks so that healing can take place and so that the results are not compromised.
This nose job page is for women or men in Birmingham who are considering rhinoplasty because they are unhappy with the way their nose looks. Whether you think your nose is too big, too small, sticks out or out of proportion with your face, the information here will help you gain an understanding of nose surgery and what to expect should you proceed with treatment.

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