Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in birmingham


This procedure reduces larger breasts to smaller size to be in proportion to the whole body. It is also performed to reduce larger breast to match the smaller breast. There are different techniques to perform breast reduction depending upon the amount of breast tissue to be removed and skin to be readjusted.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about two to four hours. The incision includes area around the areola, vertical down to the under surface of the breast and joins other incision along the breast crease. Excess of breast tissue and skin is removed and reshaped with the nipples moved to a higher and youthful position. The areola is also reduced in size to match the smaller breast. You will have one drain in each breast that will be removed before you are discharged home.
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Side Effects

Bruising and swelling will lasts for few days. You will have pain and discomfort, but usually is not severe and would be controlled with simple analgesics. Collection of blood (haematoma) can occur and may require immediate drainage under general anaesthesia. Infection may occur and is usually controlled with antibiotics.

Occasionally wounds heal poorly or fail to heal. It depends upon your genetic makeup and other factors that affect healing process such as smoking, obesity and old age. Rarely does wound break down and will require a skin graft to allow healing and this means more surgery and anaesthesia.

Part or total loss of nipple and areola is possibility especially in large reduction. These can result in tissue loss and result in different levels of the nipple to different shapes of the nipple.

Sensation is usually altered over the breast and more over the nipple area. Nipple erecting may not be possible. Breast feeding may not be possible after this procedure.

Scars usually settle and fade in few moths however they can occasionally remain red, lumpy, painful and very sensitive to touch. The lumpy and painful scars are called Keloid scars and they no permanent cure. They can be treated for softening on a regular basis. Smokers tend have worse affect on wound healing and have more chances of developing Keloid scars. Keloidal tendency otherwise is more common in dark skin people. The scars are usually hidden under the bra.

Postoperative Advice, Instructions & Final Result

Day 1 – 7

You will have some pain and discomfort on the second day, common pain killers usually help. Sports bra worn immediately after the procedure will help in supporting and reducing further swelling. Take it is easy when you go home, gentle and only make movements for basic needs.

Week 2

Undissolvable sutures are removed. You can shower and begin applying moisturising cream along the scars. It might hurt when you move you arms. Gradually increase your activity but no strenuous work.

Week 4 – 6

You could stop wearing the sports bra at the end of six weeks and use normal non-wired bra for support. Swelling and bruising would begin to settle. Sensation around the nipple and the breast would continue to improve.

Month 6 – 9

Scars get softer, paler and begin to fade. You can assess the final result.

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